Richard Cadieux, Certified Wedding Coordinator

Welcome to my simplified web site. Please find below a link to affordable wedding coordination packages. I have been a certified wedding consultant since 2002 and lent my expertise at more than 700 weddings. Known for exemplary service and a deep understanding of what is transpiring each and every moment of your wedding day, I am a preferred vendor at numerous venues in Southern California. Please call me at 760-320-8141.

Male Wedding Coordinators at Top of Industry

"Men in the industry treat it as a business. Women tend to treat it as a hobby".
Article from News Wise

The successful coordination of your wedding day comes down to the coordinators ability to respond immediately to all situations. Working in unison with thousands of different wedding vendors at hundreds of wedding locations in the demanding Southern California marketplace has given me the experience needed to “feel” when things aren’t going quite right and the resources to respond appropriately. I am not a hobbyist and possess a great deal of experience. You will be able to let go knowing that all of your hard work will come together beautifully. Call me today for a personal interview at 760-320-8141.

According to Dr. Angela L. Thompson, instructor of sociology at Texas Christian University, and author of the study, "The Phenomenon of the Male Wedding Coordinator” the traits of a successful coordinator are much the same for both men and women. But, she adds, there is a difference in how they approach the planning of the client's wedding. Men tend to focus on the tasks of wedding planning from a technical point of view, and women sometimes tend to focus on the overall presentation of the wedding.

Duties of a Wedding Coordinator

You can contract our “Day Of”, “Week Of”, or “Month Of” coordination service at any time during your planning, but we don’t generally “jump into” your planning until 1-2 months prior to the wedding day. With week of or month of packages we will be assisting you in pulling together an itinerary, confirming vendor commitments and double-checking the details, decisions, and services that you have already contracted for.

We will also be working with the information you give us to formulate a master plan for the entire day, so that you can rest assured that the details are in place and the event is being professionally managed. Because these services are not as extensive as a coordination package that covers all the planning from beginning to end, "Month Of", Week Of, and "Day Of" services are very budget friendly.

For "Day Of" service, the bride will take the responsibility of preparing a timeline, confirming details and commitments with vendors, and all other related duties. As consultants, we will carry out the duties based upon your planning and preparations. In these instances, where we have no previous interaction with vendors, we are only as good as the information that you provide us.

You may be wondering what is the difference between the catering manager at the hotel and a (personal) wedding coordinator. Wedding coordinators offer a different range of services than these other professionals. Specifically, we are working for you, not the hotel or location, and we are there to see that your wishes and requests are carried out as well as to assist in planning that is not related to the hotel or location. Ask the staff at your wedding location what they will and won't do to determine your additional needs. As your coordinators, we will work with the personnel at your ceremony and/or reception venue to ease the planning process and provide you peace of mind.

What does this cost? Fee structures are based upon the level of service and number of hours that it will take to execute your plans. Typically, pricing ranges from $750.00 to $3,000+ for "Month Of", “Week Of” and "Day Of" services. The price will also be determined by a number of specific factors and details related to your wedding.

Whether you are planning a wedding that is big or small, casual or formal, the knowledge, professionalism, and assistance our wedding coordinators can provide for you, is well worth the cost.